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Greetings Epiphany Parishioners!


As you know, the Diocese of Ottawa is allowing us to re-open our doors for public worship starting in September – we are so glad to be able to welcome you all back!

At the moment, our plan is to have a 10:30 a.m. Eucharist service on Sunday mornings, with musical offerings and a sermon, as well as a mid-week service, time to be determined. We are also planning on broadcasting that mid-week service on our Facebook page, so that those of you who wish to remain at home can still join us in worship. 

We always want everyone to feel comfortable and safe in our church, and so we are asking you for your help. Could you take the time to fill out this short survey, asking you what you would like to see at Epiphany this Fall? This will help all of us on the planning team make sure that Epiphany continues to be the warm, welcoming church we all know and love!


Many thanks,

Rev. Alana




Survey for Re-Opening



1. I am planning to attend worship in person.




If you answered “No”, please skip to question 6.


2. I would like to attend 

___The 10:30 service on Sunday morning

___A mid-week service



3. I would prefer the mid-week service to be on






4. I would prefer the mid-week service to be at

___10:30 a.m.

___2:00 p.m.

___7:00 p.m.



5. For me, the most important part of worship at Epiphany is (check all that apply)

___The Eucharist

___The music

___Fellowship / Seeing other people and catching up

___Having a quiet space to focus on my thoughts and prayers



6. I would prefer the online service to be

___The Eucharist

___A Morning, Afternoon, or Evening Prayer

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