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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

 Children and Youth    

Children and youth are a vital part of our community!


Our commitment to you: to nurture your child and youth’s spiritual growth, by building connections with their family, our parish life, the Anglican faith, and our broader community.

At Epiphany Anglican Church, children and youth will:

  • Find joy and glorify God through music and song

  • Make friends and build a community of faith

  • Experience worship through connections to the Anglican liturgy

  • Grow their relationship with God by learning how to pray


Programming is tailored to age and stage of development:

  • Nursery program up to age 4

  • Junior Sunday school for ages 4-7

  • Senior Sunday school for ages 8-11

  • Youth program for ages 12-18


Children at Epiphany will have many opportunities to interact with each other and our congregation. They will be encouraged and supported to participate in all aspects of parish life. We have a variety of exciting plans for children and youth to teach them about the bible, build fellowship, and engage them in our church community. For example:

  • Intergenerational services, planned and led by our youth

  • First Communion (ages 7 and up)

  • Servers and Crucifers who assist the Priest during the service (ages 10 and up)

  • Confirmation (ages 14-16)

  • Nursery volunteers (ages 12 and up who have completed a babysitting course)

  • Christmas Pageant

  • Membership on committees (e.g., Children and Youth Advisory Council, Parish Council)

  • Outings as suggested by youth (e.g., ziplining, Flying Squirrel)

  • Fellowship activities, like boardgame nights and BBQs

  • Diocesan (Ottawa) Youth Internship Program


Our children and youth are generous with their time, and we are happy to track and report on their volunteer hours.


Opportunities to be in fellowship and community with one another are important in all aspects of life. Here at Epiphany, it's no different; we provide such opportunities weekly and monthly as well as several special events throughout the year.


Get involved by:

  • Join us for coffee hour after our service. 

  • Join us in our many fellowship events we have throughout the year. 

  • Come to our Women's Fellowship Potluck Dinner every month, or our semi-regular men's BBQ.

  • Sign up as a volunteer



With the superb acoustics of the santuary, our choral services are full of the joyful noise of music; featuring the talents of our choir, Phoenix Organ, and Boston grand piano. We are also blessed with many youth who contribute their musical talents - cello, guitar, flute, oboe, saxaphone, and trumpet.


Get involved by:

  • Singing in church! We love to sing as a congregation, and it feels great to sing praise to God with a full voice in our community.

  • Join the choir - our Choir Director Gennaro Busa is always on the lookout for new voices, and our choir is a friendly bunch that always welcomes a new voice, whether you are a soprano, alto, tenor, bass, or "melody." :)

  • The choir practices on Wednesday Evenings from 7:00-8:00 pm

  • If you are a trained or very brave singer, we often welcome soloists to sing or play for us throughout the year, often at communion. If you have a musical gift, please share it with us.


Christian Education

This is a parish that is passionate about Christian education. There are several ways to get involved and learn more about the Bible, about your faith, and about the new ways you can engage our church, our society and our world.


Get involved by:

  • Listening to the sermon which strives to connects the gospel with our lives and our world. You can hear the sermon on Sunday in person or online, or listen to previous services and sermons at

  • Join us for Thursday evening soup and bible study (will start up again in january 2023)

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