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Send-off for Reverend Arran: Tribute video, party, gifts

Rev. Arran is moving to Halifax, and we are so sad to see him go -- but happy for him and his family as he returns to his Maritime roots, and very thankful for the blessings he has given us.

Video: is now live. You have until July 31 at the latest to record and upload video messages that will be delivered to him by email. It’s very easy to do by computer, tablet, or phone, with just a few clicks. Need help? Send an email to

BBQ party: July 24 saw Epiphany Anglican Church host a very successful barbecue send-off party, with drinks, food, gifts and speeches, generously peppered with some pretty great/terrible Dad Jokes. Several folks from Rev. Arran's previous parish, Trinity Anglican Church here in Ottawa (including incumbent Rev. Mark Whittall), came out to celebrate. It was lovely to hear their heartfelt words and see their smiling faces. Epiphany has made some new friends!

Gifts: Rev. Arran received many gifts -- and there were even items for Charmaine and Greyson. If you still wish to give, you can make a personal virtual donation directly to Rev. Arran through the Tribute video site (your gift will be delivered by email at the same time as the video).

August and September Services

Rev. Cathy, who joined us while Rev. Arran was on sabbatical, will return to Epiphany in early September as interim Priest-in-Charge and will remain with us until a new incumbent is in place.  In  August, members of the congregation will lead us in Morning Prayer as planned.


Rev. Cathy was born in Kingston, Ontario. Her father served in the Canadian Armed Forces, and while growing up, she lived in a number of different places, including Saskatchewan, Texas, Kingston, England, Alberta and Ottawa. Cathy attended secondary school and university in Ottawa. At Carleton University, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry and a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration. Later, she studied at the University of Toronto, where she earned a Master of Divinity degree from Wycliffe College.

Cathy admits that as a child, her aim in life was simply to grow up to be “a good person.” That’s a fitting goal for someone who eventually became an Anglican priest!

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