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Our liturgy here at Epiphany is drawn from the Anglican Church of Canada's Book of Altenative Services. You may notice some people kneeling, standing, bowing, making the sign of the cross and other gestures that enhance each person's experience of worship. No one should feel obliged to follow any particular ritual movement, you are welcome to move and gesture as you feel drawn.

Embracing God's Future


Embracing God's Future is the Strategic Roadmap of the diocese. It's an exciting journey, calling us to joyfully live a dynamic faith as disciples of Jesus. We have prayed, listened to scripture, and talked to one another.


The Spirit of God has given us some points of the compass to follow in faith, and we are ready to go!

Parish Council


Parish Council acts on all matters referred to them by their Vestry*; help the incumbent develop policy and Christian education programs; make recommendations to the budget, written financial statements, and any other matter effecting parish responsibilities, and encourage regular attendance at church services. They have the rights and duties of Vestry between its meetings.

*the Annual General meeting of Epiphany

Request for Proposals

We are undertaking a renovation project to resolve design problems of the church roof and heating and ventilation systems. We are seeking companies with access to qualified staff and/or sub-contractors, as well as the appropriate qualifications and expertise in the following:

  • The restoration of commercial/institutional masonry veneer buildings which have experienced acute moisture damage

  • The upgrading of poorly designed and performing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

  • The repair or replacement of existing metal standing seam roofing systems


Fill out this form to register, and we’ll email you a link to access the zipped files.

Anglican Diocese of Ottawa 


The Parish of Epiphany is very fortunate to belong to the Diocese of Ottawa. The Diocese of Ottawa, with its See City being the National Capital of Canada, straddles the Ottawa River and includes the eastern counties of Ontario and the western counties of Quebec. The Diocese includes a mix of large urban as well as small rural farming and forestry commuinties; spanning 180km from Christ Church in Maniwaki, Quebec to the north, to St. Albans in Maberly, Ontario to the south, and 330km from St. Margarets in Rutherglen, Ontario to the west, to St. Johns in Lancaser to the east. The diocese is now part of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario (which includes the dioceses of Niagara, Toronto, Ontario, Huron, Algoma, Moosonee, and Ottawa) in the Anglican Church of Canada


Our Leadership 

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